If a good day starts in the morning, at La Matassina it is going to be always an excellent day!
From 8.00 to 9.45 our amazing Irene and Patrizia will prepare for you continental delicious breakfasts that will certainly delight your palate.

As you enter the dining room, a rich buffet, freshly prepared each morning, will be welcoming you, ready to spoil you with any kind of delicacy.

If you love sweet food and cakes, on our buffet counter you can find our various and delicious homemade cakes, special croissantsstandard, wholegrain or vegan (on demand!), which you can fill with anything you like, as well as delicious chocolate puff-pastry cakes or pancakes.

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And then biscuits, cereals or rusks, which you can also fill with jams, marmalade, Nutella or butter, and if you are looking for something fresh, you can always have a yogurt.

Also those who prefer eating salty food will be spoilt for choice.
You can toast your bread or toast yourself, standard or wholegrain, and you can stuff it with ham, salami or cheese slices.

>What’s more, on our buffet counter you cannot miss our homegrown vegetables, such as tomatoes or cucumbers, our salty cakes and the unmissable eggs, which you can boil or scramble any way you like.

Finally, you can conclude your breakfast having some season fruit from our buffet, like kiwis, figs, apples, pears, melons, oranges and peaches, which you can find there singularly or as fruitskewers or fruit salad.

The drinks of this rich breakfast will be prepared and served by us, coffee, cappuccino, milk, a large variety of tea kinds, herbal teas and fruit juices.


NB. In case you suffer from any allergy or food intolerance, or if you just don’t like something, please, just let us know before your breakfast.